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Thanks for visiting my pick 4 lottery blog!

I create wheels for various lottery games. This blog focuses on a pick four lotto that is known under different titles depending on your region. These lotto wheel generators can be used for any pick four lottery no matter how many numbers are in the drawing, but the expected outcome of the lottery wheel will change. Good Luck to all the players and please play responsibly.

Don't be alarmed by the lucky number generator. According to Javascriptkit. com there are two different ways to create a random pick with the java programming language. I decided to include the method that includes the top number of the draw and the number 0. The lucky pick-picker can be found in the right hand column of the website.

Advantages of Wheeling the Payday Pick Four

Using a lottery wheel to play the payday lotto can be a better choice than wheeling on a regular game such as the 649. In the payday game one can wheel for the top prize while the lesser prizes remain random. This is important because lottery wheeling can be expensive and most of the expected returns from playing is won through the small prize payouts.

Expected Return or Expected Value can be calculated for your game simply with a calculator, pen and paper. You should always work out your risk to reward ratios before deciding which game is for you.

Lottery Gaming Problems

Always remember that the lottery is not a method of gaining extra income but does have high entertainment value for those who play intelligently. You may find yourself getting excited and thinking glorious thoughts about what you will do with your wins. If you get anxious while waiting for the draw, or feel large amounts of stress when you don't win - you should stop playing the game immediately due to the health risks involved. If this is a problem for you check the back of your lottery ticket slip for the gambling help line in your area.