Payday Wheeling Generator with Full Coverage

This the same wheel that uses two lucky numbers and 3 other lottery numbers however it provides full coverage and every pick is in balance rather than having a lottery wheel that is weighted for the first two lucky numbers. This is a balanced full coverage wheel that you can use to generate your lucky payday combinations on every draw.

Enter FIVE of your best lucky payday/pick 4 lottery numbers to create this free lotto wheel.

And Then






Because buying 5 tickets increases your odds of winning the smaller payday lottery prizes I have listed the new odds below. This is not the odds per ticket but the odds per draw if you use this payday wheel.

  • $50,000 prize odds 1: 135,328

  • $20,000 prize odds 1: 67,664

  • $1,000 prize odds 1: 33,832

  • $25 prize odds 1: 62

  • $2 prize odds 1: 1.25

To make these calculations for yourself use my Payday Lottery Wheeling Odds Calculator. (rounded up to the nearest whole number)