Lottery Wheeling Odds Calculator

Everybody knows that one way to increase your odds of winning the jackpot is to simply buy more tickets. But if you want to know exactly how much you have come to the right place. This is a calculator for the pick 4 lotto known as payday. The odds for the jackpot are 1 in 1,353,275 by the book Feb/08. So if we buy an extra ticket that splits the odds in half?

Yes, but we have to buy two more tickets to further cut the odds in half and after that we have to buy an additional four tickets and so on:

1 | 2 | 4 | 8 | 16 | 32 | 64 | 128 etc.

Try out this calculator and find out what your odds are for your budget or use it to help you work out the expected return on your wheeling system.

Enter Number of Tickets bought for the same draw.

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  • Top prize odds 1 to
  • $50,000 prize odds 1 to
  • $20,000 prize odds 1 to
  • $1,000 prize odds 1 to
  • $25 prize odds 1 to
  • $2 prize odds 1 to

Using this calculator it is easy to see that you can increase your odds by buying two tickets.

Buying two tickets changes the odds of winning the $50,000 prize to the same odds that the $20,000 prize used to be because now the $20,000 prize odds are what the $1,000 prize odds used to be. To further this process you can buy four tickets and now the odds change two prize categories down! And to further this process once again buy eight tickets and then sixteen and so on.

Wheeling any other lottery game seems pointless after the payday.  Payday wheeling strategies can increase your coverage for winning the top prize while maintaining the excellent odds offered in the smaller prize categories which is not the normal effect of a wheeling system but is the desired effect here.

The small prizes won in the top prize section are not of any use really so picking the wheeling system that is right for you and the amount your willing to risk can be difficult to do. However you can wheel away and not have to worry about effecting the odds for the 50, 20, or 1 thousand dollar prize sections.